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Race Day



Parking is limited to 1500 cars so we strongly suggest you carpool. Plus it's a great way to only get 1 car muddy and hang out with your friends. Parking is managed by the venue. The cost is $10. No tail gating please. The real party is inside anyway.

Packet Pickup 

After you park go directly to packet pickup. (Follow the signs)   You receive a nifty Crusher Race bag filled with your Race Number, Timing Chip and T Shirt.   Just pin, strap or otherwise lash the race number to your body, secure your timing chip and you are ready to go.

Bag Check

There will be a free bag check available.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Try to use the bag check only once please.

Dress / What To Bring

A great attitude
Dress any way you want but anything you wear will get dirty and sweaty.  Shoes with a nice grip are strongly encouraged. No bare foot running though.



Bring your friends to cheer you on. There is no fee for spectators and they may even be able to get in on the action.

Race Photos

Photographers will capture you in all your glory. You are encouraged to take your own photos and share them with your friends. Just remember that you have to follow all laws regarding copyright material and usage of images.  

GoPro style cameras are allowed, but we highly encourage you not to take any other camera on the race course.  We are NOT responsible for your cameras getting wet  or dirty.

Food / Drink

No outside food or drinks

Everyone who completes the course gets a free beer (or soda for those under 21)

Vendors will be serving up awesome food and drinks which are available for purchase at the event.

Again - No outside food or drink.  Remember we are trying to raise money for charity and buying food and drink at the event helps make this happen.


We will be pumping out the jams. We encourage dancing. There may even be some chances for you to do this on the race course.

The Crusher 


9:00 - Competitive Wave*

10:00 - SOLD OUT!!!










Waves limited to 100 people


Current Price: $50

Crusher 2


9:00 Competitive Wave*

10:00 - SOLD OUT!!!










Waves limited to 50 people


Current Price: $80

Colossal Crusher


1) 9:00 Fitness Test and 10k Obstacle Course


2) 11:15 Fitness Challenge #2


3) 12:45 Fitness Challenge #3


Current Price $115


Colossal Crusher Team


1) 9:45 Fitness Test and 10k Obstacle Course


2) 12:15 Fitness Challenge #2


3) 1:45 Fitness Challenge #3


Current Price: $100 (ea)


Crusher Kids








Current Price: $25 



Everything is better with friends. 

1 )Run the Crusher or the Crusher 2 with friends.  Make your own T-shirts. Come in Costume. We don't care - just have fun.  No need to sign up as an official group.

2) Colossal Crusher Team Event - grab 3 of your fittest friends and tackle the Colossal Crusher as a 4 person group for the Colossal Crusher Team Challenge .

You must complete all 3 to

Be Colossal

* All waves are timed. The Competitive Wave is for people who try to tackle the course in the fastest time possible, win a prize, and want to run with like-minded competitors.  If you're running for fun and are just racing against yourself we suggest picking a different wave time.

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