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Colossal Crusher  4 Person Team (Elite)
Grab your fittest friends because you will need their help to survive. A 4 person team takes on the Colossal Crusher with everyone getting in on the action. You can split up the work any way you want, but all 4 of you have to make it across the finish line.


Station 6= Planche Hold / Tire Flips
Station 5= 100 Deadlifts - Burpee Broad Jump to Station 6
Station 4= 200 KB Swings - Sandbag Carry to Station 5
Station 3= 300 Jump Squats - Partner Wheel Barrow to Station 4
Station 2= 200 Push Ups - Bear Crawl to Station 3
Station 1= 100 Ground to Overhead - Buddy Carry to Station 2

Team Fitness Test

10K+ Obstacle Course


Spring 2014

Colossal Crusher Team


Crossfit Gambit

Discounted Price for Teams

10:30 - 4 person teams



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