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Crusher 2 Mud Run 10k
Crusher 2 -   (Experienced)

You have messed around with 5ks, trail running and hit the gym a bunch so you think you're ready.  Let's find out. You will need strength, stamina, agility and mental fortitude to survive.  Unlike the begineer course we have extended your course for several more miles  and designed obstacles that WILL crush you.  Only through support and cooperation will you and your fellow Crushers conquer your fears and make it through. And for that you will be rewarded.


• Distance:  Approx. 10k total

• More challenges - More fun



* All waves are timed. The Competitive Wave is for people who try to tackle the course in the fastest time possible, win a prize, and want to run with like-minded competitors.  If you're running for fun or are just racing against yourself we suggest the non-competitive start time. Crushers will be launched in waves of 10-15 people every few minutes to avoid crowding at the obstacles.

10:00 - Competitive Wave*

10:15 - Non-Competitive




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